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The following is a guide to help you plan end of life care using Medical-Aid-In-Dying with Dr. Weeman. Please note the ordering of the necessary steps

Step 1

Initial Contact

Please submit your contact information directly into our online form. We will be contact you within 2 business days. 

Step 2

Medical Records

Contact your hospice social worker or other hospice representative and ask for a CTI (Certificate of Terminal Illness) to be sent to us. After we have reviewed the CTI, the First Oral Request appointment can be scheduled.  The First Oral Request is a virtual visit conducted on your smartphone, tablet or computer (a device with camera and microphone).

Step 3

First Oral Request

Prior to the visit, I require medical records (Step 2) to review the case and determine what will be needed before the visit can take place.

The First Oral Request visit takes place via smartphone, tablet or computer with camera and microphone.

Step 4

Second Oral Request

The Second Oral Request visit takes place 15 days or later after the First Oral Request. The law is firm about this waiting period. We will discuss the best time to complete this second visit (typically at the first visit), but it can be arranged at a later time that is convenient for you and I. The second visit is an in-person visit, either at my clinic or at your home or facility where you are.

Fees are collected at the conclusion of the Second Oral Request.  Insurance does not cover either visit and payment is expected at the appointment time. If a home visit is required, please note that there is a fee for travel time. The fee for home visits depends on my travel time.

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